Wednesday, 30 May 2012

'People saying 'No Offence' right before they offend you!'

No offence basically means ... i'm gonna insult you, but don't be offended! :) or someone is just offending  you but their trying to cover up that they Really Hate Ur GUTS! (:
:) I don't know about you guys, but i have heard many people say this right before they insult you! Saying it doesn't make what their about to say any nicer, but i just find it funny how people think it makes what their saying not offensive. :) some examples....

Sally: no offence, buuut your hair looks disgusting today!

 James: no offence, buuut u suck at being a human!

Harry: no offence, buuut u suck at life! :) hahahahha

Those examples are pretty random but i couldn't think of anything else!
Please comment if you have ever had anyone do the 'no offence' on you! and tell us what happened. :)

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